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Being part of a Guild doesn’t just help you connect with Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire players from all over the world, you can even receive much-needed assistance from your fellow Guild members, too! You can utilize Guild Chat and even Guild Mail to request aid from your fellow team members. You can request and be gifted include all Resources, like Gil, Metal, Food, and Stone

When building improvements and upgrades in your Empire, you can also request time-boosting help from fellow members by selecting the gold “Help” icon next to the timer. To repay the favor, select the Guild icon at the bottom of the screen, then select “Guild Help”. There, you will find a list of fellow members who’ve request help. Simply select the task and your help is sent—easy, right?

Helping your fellow guildmates isn’t only a nice thing to do, but can reap big rewards in the form of Loyalty. Loyalty points are used a status booster and currency within the Guild Store, detailed below.

Also, as a member of a Guild, you win and lose together! You can compete in Guild Events that win prizes for all guild members, and complete actions that award a Guild Gift to all of your fellow guildmates.

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