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In order to progress through Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, your focus will need to be on your Empire’s many buildings.

What do Buildings Do?

Buildings provide all the strategic resources your Empire needs Food to feed your army, Gil to upgrade and set Bounties for your captive Hero, and Stone to build improvements. Additionally, special buildings like the University improve your Empire’s Economics, Defense, and Hero Power, allowing you to create a strong Gil-powered economy and uber-efficient army.

By far the most important building in your Empire is the Citadel. The Citadel is the main hub of operations and the success of your Final Fantasy XV: New Empire greatly hinges on the amount of time and focus you dedicate to its advancement.

Building Placement with Noctis

At the very beginning of your journey, you will only have the bare-bones Citadel at your disposal. Luckily, Prince Noctis, of Final Fantasy XV fame, is here to help you begin to grow your Empire and aids in building placement via the in-game tutorial.

All buildings must be placed on their own plots. Often, Noctis will step in to guide you to the perfect spot to place your buildings for maximum effect. The most important buildings’ placements will be predetermined and stand within the Walls of your Empire. These buildings include your University, Hospital, Training Grounds, and Bank.

Other buildings, which provide vital Resources, allow multiples of each to be built and will stand just outside your Walls. These buildings include Farms, Mines, and Quarries.

Building Construction Time

As you begin to build and upgrade more of your buildings, you’ll notice each takes a different amount of time to construct. In the early stages, your buildings may take a mere one to five minutes until they’re ready to produce a Resource or begin a new Research effort.

As the game continues and your Empire grows, however, the more massive upgrades will start to come with lengthy construction time. Some upgrades, like Citadel upgrades can even take days to complete.

Luckily, the University allows you to take on Research efforts that can cut down Building Construction time significantly. Additionally, the more time you spend playing and upgrading your buildings, the more chances you have of scoring big rewards like Construction Cost Reduction boosts and Construction Time boosts.

Building Levels

Each building in your Empire has the capability of being leveled up. In fact, the more you level your many buildings, the more Resources and bonuses they provide to your Empire. In order to continuously reach new building levels, each building must be leveled accordingly.

For example, your Citadel cannot be enhanced until your Wall reaches a certain level. All of your Empire’s buildings depend on each other for growth and advancement, and this applies for all buildings at all levels throughout your reign.

Focusing on the advancement of your buildings will not only help your Empire grow faster and stronger, but will also grant you much-needed bonuses like Food, Stone, Gil, and even equippable or rare items!

When to Build

With so many Resources to gather and many building types to choose from, it may seem confusing as to which buildings to construct and when. Luckily, when Noctis steps down as your tutorial guide, your Empire quests will help you determine exactly what buildings need to be built and upgraded to aid in your progression.


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