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At the start of the game, your Hero comes equipped with just his unfailing leadership skills. That said, at some point you’re going to need to craft new Equipment to provide decent Attack and Defense for your Hero.

Different types of Equipment can be unlocked and can range in function from basic Equipment to Equipment that is part of the three specific sets: Arbiter, Sentinel, and Hunter. The varieties of set and Equipment pairings offer unlimited combinations leading to fully unique stats and looks.

Each piece of Equipment will come with unique stats which is ever-changing depending on the many combinations of Equipment and Combat Boosts in Attack and Defense.

The Equipment types are:

  • Weapons from Swords and Daggers to Lances and Shears to maximize the Attack of your Hero.

  • Body Armor from jackets to full-body outfits to maximize your Hero’s personal defenses when attack Empires and Monsters.

  • Helmets and headwear for enhanced Stats and Hero protection.

  • Footwear like Battle Boots and Sentinel’s Greaves to increase Stats and complete sets.

  • Accessories are the most versatile of all Equipment. You have the option to Craft and Equip three unique Accessories at any given time from Necklaces to Ring and Gloves. Each accessory adds unique stats to finish off your unique Equipment sets.

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