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Purchasing some items and instantly completing tasks like Troop Training or Building Upgrades will require the use of Gold.

Jumpstart your progress in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire with Gold by completing events, specified quests, vanquishing monsters on the Realm Map, utilizing the Treasury, or purchasing from the Gold Store (in-app purchases). Purchasing offers in the Gold Store will often unlock free gifts for you and all of your Guild members! If you are not in a Guild, you will not receive free gifts, so make sure you’ve joined a Guild to maximize your rewards. If you build a Gold Mine on a rural tile outside your Empire, you can also give and receive Gold with Friends on Facebook. Rare Gold Caches can also be found on the Realm Map, the Gold Cache provides FREE Gold! Use this Gold to strengthen your Empire and conquer!

To get more Gold, simply tap on the Gold icon in the upper-right hand corner of your screen to access the purchase Menu.


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