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Hero Skill Tree


Your Final Fantasy XV Hero’s Skill Tree:

  1. Hero Attack: Grants a permanent increase to your Hero’s Attack when facing Monsters.
  2. Quarry Production: Boosts the Stone production rate of your Empire’s Quarries.
  3. Warrior Attack: Boosts the attack of your Warrior Troops.
  4. Construction: Increases your Empire’s Construction Speed.
  5. Mine Production: Boosts the Metal production rate of your Empire’s Mines.
  6. Cavalry Attack: Boosts the attack of your Cavalry Troops.
  7. Farm Production: Boosts the Food production rate of your Empire’s Farms.
  8. Training: Increases the training speed for all Troop Types in the Training Ground.
  9. Mage Attack: Boosts the attack of your Mage Troops.
  10. Extractor Production: Boosts the Energy production of your Empire’s Energy Extractors.
  11. Research: Increases your Research Speed at the University.
  12. Troop HP: Increases the HP of all Troop Types.
  13. Upkeep Efficiency: Increases the Upkeep Efficiency of your Troops.
  14. March Size: Increases the size of Marches for attacking enemies with your Troops.

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