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March on an enemy Empire and attack! The Hero is responsible for leading March attacks on enemy Empires. Make sure you have ample Troops and different Troop Types before you stage a March! Check out the Boosts page on your Profile to see March Boosts in these categories: March Size, Rally Capacity, March Speed, Gathering March Speed Bonus, and Hero Monster March Speed Bonus. To access your Profile just tap your Power at the top of the city scene, or navigate to Profile via the More menu.

Ready to March? Simply roam the map and select the Empire you wish to attack. Once selected, you can either Scout them and gain more insight into their Defenses, or you can Attack them head-on. Don’t forget that Marches full of battle-ready troops can also occupy strategic positions and Resource Tiles in the Realm!

Marches take time, but you can go to the Store and get Speed Ups to make your March attack timer move even faster!


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