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Quests and Rewards | Chapter 4

While you patiently wait for your Buildings to be Constructed and Upgraded, what better way is there to kill time than with a good old-fashioned Quest? Except you should know — Quests in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire are a whole different beast from your typical Final Fantasy-style quests.

These quests come with extensive Rewards from basic and Common Items to special Equipment that can be hard to find elsewhere. The unique set-up of Eos’s quests also means a mass of daily quests to complete and awesome loot up for grabs!

You have four different quests types to choose from in Eos. These are:

Empire quests give you rewards just for Upgrading the Buildings within your Empire. This means, the more you grow your empire, the more rewards you earn (and the scarier you are to your enemies)!

Hero, Guild, and VIP Quests are all unique in that they let you select the Quests you’d like to participate in. All you need to do is start the quest, and soon the reward is yours! This includes routinely refreshed Quests with excellent rewards every single day. The rewards you can earn throughout your journey in Eos are unlimited!

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