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Ranking & Stats

In the Guild section of the mobile game, navigate to the “Members” tab. There, you will find the list and ranking of each individual member of your Guild. There are five ranks to achieve starting at Level I (the lowest) and ending at Level V (the highest). Bear in mind that Rank V is reserved for the Guild Leader/Founder.

The FFXV: ANE Guild Leader can promote guild members at their discretion. Each rank comes with special permissions:

  • Rank 1: Can receive guild Gifts.
  • Rank 2: Can receive guild Gifts.
  • Rank 3: Can promote and demote members, as well as receive Guild Gifts
  • Rank 4: Can send Guild invitations, manage Guild invites and requests, promote members, demote members, kick members out, receive guild gifts, change Guild headline, manage blocked list, and change Guild description.
  • Rank 5: Same as above as well as: disband Guild, change primary language, change Guild emblem, open up Guild for recruitment, change Guild name and tag, as well as transfer Guild leadership.

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