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The Crystal | Chapter 5

The Crystal - Chapter 5

But wait—why should you build an Empire? Why should you crush your enemies to a pulp or protect what’s yours at all costs? It all comes down to the mystical and all-powerful Crystal.

Just as in the Final Fantasy XV console release, the Crystal is the source of power and controls all of Eos, and it’s Noctis’ job to protect it from falling into the wrong hands, no matter what.

In Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, every Empire has a powerful Hero, and everyone is determined to gain control over the Crystal. Just what doe the Crystal capturer get? The title of Emperor and the power to change your Realm forever!

But the madness doesn’t stop there. There are many titles to be held and power to be shared. While the Emperor is the most powerful in the realm, his underlings also hold power. One the Crystal is captured by a new Emperor, the Realm will enter a state of peace, where the Crystal remains in the hands of the Emperor until peace runs dry.

If you and your fellow FFFXV:ANE Guild members are wise, you will use this time to Train a mass army of Troops, organize a good War Rally or two, and prepare to fight the Emperor off when the time comes to claim the power for yourselves!

In Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, anyone can claim the power of the Crystal and rule the Realm—if they’ve got what it takes. Do you?

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